I was a child of no barley of Marley
Singena mali. (Now I have money)
Now I am a child of Tracy
With a ticket and I am gonna use it.
Nostradamus is a merry-go-round
I can’t slip off from
But nearby is a Timber Lake
Just to Land on and
When I’m on the Land.
The  streaming Lake makes this Promise to me;
I’ll be your strength
In my wilderness,       
I wanna dance with somebody
Like a jewish virgin.
I need to get to Houston
For the courage to drink the Zappa.
Frankly, No one, No one can
Begin to understand me
But the Keys in my hand are my hope
That bolt on my many chains
I will remove the shackles,
“Mary Mary talk of Jesus for me to remember, please?
Before I go, talk to him and give him my smile
And ask him this,
How do you do as the One who Rox my universe!”
Immortality, there is always
A valley of hope in the
Ceiling of sublime Divinity
When I reach for you I can
Reach the Moving mountains.
Danie, don’t lie,
You say you don’t know,
I don’t need no carryin’ on
Pretty pretty Please Pour IN my Kone of Purpose but
Pretty little the world will give you
But a load of Pity to Keep.
You don’t see me like Luck Keys do
As J sees in the past the whooshing whistles of wind
Even a withering leaf has a friend in him,
I won’t be coming home, tell the world my name’s as Puff.
Diddly-do can I as heaven smiles down through my heart’s reflections
I am putting up a fight,
Like killers Fraying away the numbing terror of
Phishing mice in my closet?
I am a fool or toned mule?
Tonight, I will find a Parlour to was wash away
The looming dust in my eye till the Marshall comes
To save this life; tossing the M&Ms of dark.
Funny, how things change.
Oh Boy!  Wangikhetha (you chose me) like any other species in the Zoo Lake of safety
Into the loo of debits
Now child of Albany,
Rise to the jam as music follows you,
Hallelujah I will so people will be happy.
Shake! Liven-up from this paralysis
Bring me back to life
I am about to see Diane War and tame the
Sunken mavericks sitting in the subway
Waiting  for God to Time my way
To the sunrise of my dreams, to when lights shine forever,
And Florence wakes to the Living noise of the Machine.
Tonight the mechanic toils to all hopes and fears
Twisting and turning Every Necessary notch.
Nuisance, he calls the nuances of Boys turning inTO Men
Sippling at the goblet of folly’ plans all through the night.
I will sit at Mike’s kitchen relishing the
The wonder of Who you are,
Through this cup of brokenness
I am love
You can’t rob me of my life,
When there aint no mountain high enough for this chopper.
So make it clap while Bust in Your smooth cadence
Awunamandla sqwat, phume linin!           (You don’t have the power, nothing, get out the line)
But don’t walk away from this JADEd love
Tainted by Marilyn lost in hours.
Look at me now chasing christal skies.
You going to miss me like today is tomorrow,
Only Logical.
Punk the lion is loosed
Nika Mina manje okwam ngob inhloso wam isibilile!
Give it to me now what’s mine cos my purpose is boiling!
I only have these moments for life
I close these curtains to this poison,
Love is scandalous, I’m walking
Oh, whats love gotta do with it!?

So don’t cry for me, aag wang tina
I am building staying muscle.
Setting fire to the reign
As I strum guitar
To That Thing
Martha Man knows about.
Storms will come        
Grant me anything to feed my Fat Baby
For I know you are here
To heal the hole and make it better
Dream Lover may I ride with my Hero,
Till someday you bring me back to you,
As you come to rescue me.
To share forever with you.
Feb 18, June 15 & 16 2011
Legendary Artists:
Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, Celine Dion, NAS, Timberland, Timberlake, Whitney Houston, Zappa, Alicia Keys, Mary Mary, Roxette, Daniel Powler, Jason Colby, U2, Pink, Sean Combs, Parlotones, The Killers, The Fray, Emenim, Zuluboy, Tina Turner,Dr Albany, Diane Warren, Florence and the Machines, Mike and the Mechanics, Evanescence, Boys To Men, The WHO, Diana Ross, Rick Ross, Marilyn Manson, Chris Brown, Drake DRIZZY,  Nicki MInaj, Will.I.AM, Madonna, Busta Rhymes, Skwatta, Siya Slinker, Jade, Toni Braxton, Lauren Hill, Martha Munizzi, Micheal Jackson, Amy Grant, Maroon 5, Mariah Carey,  The book of Proverbs, Adele

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