A song for God…
He pulled me from the rain
He took me out of fate’s face
He gave me a name; Beloved
He showered me with love incomparable
He moulded me into a fine cloth; royal heir               
He gave me family; The name if mother and father are received in bounds
He gave me joy; the stillness of peace cradles my sanity
He gave me honour; when he made me new in knowing Him.
He gave me integrity when he opened my eyes of the heart
He gave me laughter when we showered me with friends; truthful and innocent
He gave me hope when he settled the tender Companion in me
He gave me strength when he revealed his mystery to me
He is he umbilical I am torn from
He brought me into Him the day I kissed death goodbye
The Day He woke me from my haunting sleep.
He wiped my tears away from the day I saw Him
He gave me a voice that clings to the echo of His Journal; Word!
He gave me mulish when He gave me righteous wisdom; He gave me passion.
What I know can’t be wiped out for it has stood the test of time before these fading generations
Now that I know Him; nothing can change me because He has enveloped me; taken over of me.
He has loved me; beyond all comprehension
He has chosen me; given me Destiny eternal.
He has prescribed me royal when He predestined me; given me enduring purpose.
That He should hold me so highly.
He is my wealth; I seek none else.
He is my light; He shows me the way
H e is my Lord; I willfully know of no other.
He is my love; Who’s loved me before time.
June 10,11.

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