to self in the Mirror; Facing the mirror

…My inner turmoil

You are my main pain,

Not that there aren’t a thousand other pains

Burning my nerves as it is

And drying up my cells!

No, here you are, nose high up in the peaks for the stakes;

Forming a canopy of foaming sickness and nausea

Above my head

Aiming for my being,

Aiming to ill-tame my flows; lording your poison on me,

I stand like an easel for a Devil’s dare to master my life

Am I already mustered by him?

I am easily fatigued by your power,

My immune is frail as

I wage a futile war;

Yet I fight

Like a ceaseless pouring cry of the wayward clouds,

As he wages war with the Wind

For the Maiden of Sunshine,

I fight with zeal, I fight.

…The unraveling

Like an iron woman not easily removed,

She comes like a broiling urn

For a winter’s cold

They say God made her stubborn,

To stand the course of the weak,

She takes liberties in their weakness

Cos even when the sun fails to rise,

Yes she will rise to the occasion

And feed their yearnings,

Their minds

Kindling their nest,

Such is the breast of a woman

Beaten but never broken,

Have you seen her face lately?

Before she is forgotten or even



Look her in the mirror,

The mirage is only a conscious’ façade,

Face up to her,

Nurture her,

Even love her if you can…

Nobody knows her better than you,

Your hero calls

In the mirror’s echo of your Name.

‘Beat the virus’,

‘Beat the fatal gland’

‘Beat the ignorance shaped laziness’

To know, to be informed!

Call the doctor

To avoid restless nights,

Let knowing be luxury

‘Touch your breast’

‘Touch your life’!

‘Touch your blood’,

‘And fear no loss’!

Take care—have your breasts tested! It’s Breast Cancer Month!

Take your blood test and know your status!


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