….inspired by this… (came out from Facebook page called Journal of a smile)

I sit on the palm of his hand,
Teasing his mind
He mistakes me for a psalm.
I whisper a word,
Like a note off a cord and
He mistakes me for the lyric he wrote,
I shake my tulle dress and tickle his ear,
For a moment I am a breeze of fragrance,
He mistakes me for the rose garden he made,

I scribbled a picture thought on his palm,
And he drew me closer,

Deeper and deeper I fall
Every ounce of me feeling the weight
Of being taken in,
His majesty my mind unfolds the wonder I cannot
This might, my heart twitters to its supremacy,

Further and further, I fall
And as I go, the higher I rise, its spirit taking flight…

This is the magic dreams are made of…
That at a tweak of ink,
I should come face-to-face with the light of life
The fire of eternity and
Find that I can live…

Like a belle,
I linger longer in him,
Hoping to be drawn nearer and nearer…
To the loverofmysoul….

Tuesday Mars3, 2009


One thought on “‘The journal of a smile # 29’-search on facebook.

  1. Zhamour said…
    Anthony Lee Martin:FACEBOOK
    so, i wrote this standing in the line to see MADISYAHU at the CTICC in Cape Town..literally, i stood there amongst the chosen.. reached into my pocket, pulled out my pen and paper and looked VERY awkward as i proceeded to bend down on my knee, lean on the pole, scribble against my hand just to get the words onto the paper..well, i managed to get them there, and here they are..i hope you enjoy them..

    the journal of a smile . 29 – TONIGHT I STAND AMONGST THE CHOSEN

    tonight i stand amongst the chosen
    and the debate rages on..
    behind me that is.
    it seems that there is no platform where questions sieze.
    they have found a home in every vacuum..
    stand silent for long enough
    force yourself not to clutter a moment
    and they will arrive
    they sneak in in the most subtle of ways
    and they linger and they linger and they linger.
    they may be recognised by a whole room
    but only the courageous will own them
    and once owned. all will lay claim
    like the garments
    they will be ripped
    gambled and defiled
    till they are assumed to mean…

    and then they will exsist no more
    conquered that loose their beauty
    and damaged they fall to the ground
    there no man will water them
    they will be trodden
    and left for the one…
    the one who inspired the question in the first place
    God. has an eye for them
    for they are his instrument
    his instrument of revelation
    for if it were not for questions
    and the unsatisfied minds that host them
    who would?
    would anyone have the stamina to follow…
    to truely follow?
    for that would be an impossible task without the gift of questions,
    questions and more questions.
    God’s gift to man the answers?
    well, go into that quiet place that secret place,and begin to unwrap the gift..
    He’s been waiting for you.
    over a year ago • Report. January 31, 2011 12:58 PM  

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