Keep on smiling…

Do you ever read the ends of a page,

 that really you the story’s end,

 when you become full with hope in the blooming of spring past a cold winter,

That’s what life is to me.


 They say there are two sides with every tale,

You smiled like a summer in the old,

you told me a story with your handsome lips,

and  centred my world with the glimmer of life in your smile.


You filled me with a warm glow,

way beyond  the hottest shows I’ve seen,

 I file you in my heart like a collector’s item,

 I’m not about to let you out,

 like a bird I set you free and you came back a swan.


Won’t you keep dancing with that coy smile, boy, keep me dreaming inside and on the road.

This sun won’t stop shining as I pass you You keep me smiling,

 I wont let you pass me only keep you with me cos you’re sweeter than coolest picture.

Keep them tight, keep them sunny O’mamma those lips I’d like to love…


When the thunder blasts, better hope you’re inside.

No lantern is kept waiting, the laundry will face its worst day yet as the hail keeps rolling.

Nobody knows nor will tell that the summer in your life comes with storms.

 Keep you heart warm, winter’s come.

Showers pour like a lingeringburning splinter submarined in your soft sinews.

You passed me before I let you go.


I past him by and felt his shadow remain, he is gone but for the ghost that haunts, reminding of summer days, how did i miss that?

 I should known these bands all along, drumming  to the heart of a truth that breaks and kills my dream alive, my summer in you…


But maybe if you keep on smiling, I will be stronger even through this…

 Keep on smiling…keep on, keep on…

Septemer 30, 2011


One thought on “Keep on smiling

  1. September 30, 2011 Thank you God, this is inspired of the crush I had for weeks only to find out he’s wearing a band. How did I miss it all this long? Of him I am not worthy yet I believe there’s a summer waiting ahead to happen on me!

    I have been waiting to write about what Amy Winehouse (Life and Music)meant to me… Like the movie Country Strong, these lines capture the grief that comes with loss and a shattered life.

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