Seems like a passage taken,

Playing on the safe side,

Walls mushroom out of paper trails

Voices quieten;silhouettes of faces I know evaporate,

Seems the mirror’s reflection blurs

Seems walls dampen

And the stout scent of the room seems too much to bear.

Is this something that can’t be controlled?

It is by no consequence.

Every tea needs its sugar,

Find the tin; fixed for fill.

You can’t fall on a shortfall,

You already on the ground before you’ve been thrown

Doesn’t this just seem so pristine!

Wonderful how things seem to be

Because even perceptions and old ways alter

Like a deep and hollow chair of emotional bureaucracy

Can be replenished.

Change is good,

Soaring needs a push

Tickle the toe,

jazz to your own music’s cheer

Even the grotesquely immovable will be incited

By your rhythm

Being so close to the bottom,

In full sight of what lies beneath the vocation

A little lift, inhale and leap,

Brings you up, higher than the intention,

And suddenly you’re running…

I am running,

With A courage that stems from deep within

To push even through this on solid ground.

20 Oct 2011, 3:30pm, @work


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