Dear Zhamour (add Your Name-xxx)…. with Love from Your Soullover…

Your beautiful face,

May be in slumber over

A Heart brazed by words of stone

And works of loads,

You are none the less beautiful to me

Though the Prince of Fine,

Is far off on his journey,

He soldiers you in Spirit and Heart,

Close your Eyes, Precious Princess,

Listen a little…

to the waving sea as she delivers His message,

Bride of Mine, I AM loves you,

I know you from your purest hour when your eyes open

before your mind is awake,

I know you when you lie down heavy and burdened with the day’s weight.

Perhaps what you need to know beyond your doubts is,

You are precious to forget,

You mean the world and over to me,

I think of you moment by moment,

Your smile is as picturesque as the blob of light I splash over sky,

Will you see me,

See me as you peak into the mirror,

find the essence of me

In the reflection of your eyes

Against the lines I speak in the pages of the Word,

See my ring of commitment to you,

I pledge my love beyond my ability to live and die,

I love you beyond my closeness to God, Almighty,

I love you in your flaws somehow they work magically for my glory

Thank you for embracing them with your passion and heart.

Remember that I am here.

When you plough through the day  and it just seems to

Be a day on overload and slow comings and goings,

Grip onto the shoulder of Psalms David’s

hiding bush of love and intimacy,

There you can find me and sing me a tune,

As for Me, Listen with the Word’s word and my chorus knows no end.

June-bug, you are my olive and a dry and quiet land,

You fill my void with the fragrance of you being.

Don’t change unless it is for my amusement and better my glory.

See the world through different eyes,

You and I have a Paradise that awaits us,

Long walks of love and laughter and my Worship.

I don’t need you but I want You, O’ Precious One!

The other day I sent you flowers and

Their aroma fills the space around you,

I hope you feel the aroma of my love in between the lines;

I love you and I can never stop.

Whatever is a trial, I use to make you stronger,

Most importantly to draw you nearer to me in selfish INTIMACY,

Because you are mine and mine alone;

Like a love of a prince in the woods,

Only His tear can bring her to life,

My blood and stain as before your time,

Given you life ever more,

Oh the blessed wealth of you.

I hear your tears right now,

Turn them into tears of Joy

For you long for me as I Long for more of You.

I Love you, Precious One,

I love you, Zhamour (xxx-add YourName-)xxx

Loving always, LOYS a.k.a LoverOfYourSoul

Friday 4 September 2011


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