Precious Lord,

 As my fingers do the clicking my heart is half felt,

Beating faint and silence munching up my passion

And drenching my energy and sunshine of life.

I want to melt into you,

O’ won’t you hold me close, so close in my eyes,

Like candy in a child’s face, forget of the yielding tears.

I want to be so near you Lord,

 that I mourn sadness because it has left me.

Yeah, I will sit on my chair and rock my sadnesses to sleep,

 Hear me right here as my heart beats and yearn for you.

 Who made black so beautiful this abominable?

 No black isn’t just the shade,

It is the testimony that seats unmoved at the peak of some nations As hope,

As a reminder of her Liberty,

As a hope, Eternal;

Black for me glistens brighter than the rays that shine like pashmina hues on the wet seas.

Pashmina the softness of word silenced yet heard.

 Black, my boldness beaming.

Hear me, hold me.

Just as you are.


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