A few months

Fly by like French days

A dialect of youth lost,

Lundi like something about to start,

But never does.


Mardi, we partied hard till our feet burnt and swelled.

We didn’t care,

We didn’t know how.

Such is requited love,

Like a dogs kneeds a hard and dried twist of meat,

Rousing to mush with patience,

Greater joy is in the flavour that builds.

This is youth,

When a moment is as enduring as an endless

Mardi gras festivities.


Mercredi we spend our life,

Living by credit

Living in the moment

Something new you always open the door to,

Something new to make of you,


Jeudi, we see one another in the other,

A vision of melting mirrors, merging images,

Like-to-like like the skin of mindful Jews;

My heart is christened in you.



Very soon are guards laid low,

Mistakes are taken for granted,

And what is norm, lucidity

You see me and become irate

At the little nothings I do,once adored.

You love me most now than ever before,

Nevertheless the streaming pot is sneezing

with brimming thwarting.

No, in our shadow, we simmer in distaste,

Keeping so neighbourly

Things we vowed

Not cares for in the mirrors of difference,

Now here my dotted lines lie,

I cannot forsake nor deny.

No amuse an inclining surge of any hype.



I want to shield my hide from you,

It is you who loves me

while exasperating me.

The very love that makes me want to track out

When to love is no different to hurt.

Yet still, I admit, I do love.

I did love you

At a time, Come and gone

When someday become once.



detach, like a tap unexpectedly waterless,

Deadly love that wills no end.

Dimanche, look at us now.

We decided to wear on pair of shoes,

And now we have nothing to change into but

Our soles.

It’s been days.

Solemnly mourning.

My soul wasn’t spared,

Of this thorn that lives in me.

It’s been long days,

The days we lived outside a month.

Piteously, you know only what you need to know;

not the lines of my fingerprints

nor the colour of the smile, you fathom so fervently bewitching.


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