We are grassroots for change,

Our errors may not ever be buried

But the inheritance within, its lantern never to spark out.

We are the children of hard knees

That paved the way for us.

A picture never taken yet a story so vivid,

We are the muse of the future,

Out of use are moulds of destiny are planned.

Like the knights of a round table,

we are about to reverse the scramble,

And invert the legacy.

While the heat is consuming,

We are being refined,

the refining of gold to purity,

we are just steps away.

We are the children

Who walk on soles

On the scorching tar beneath.

We are the dream planners,

And if you forgot,

Sing out your life,

Make the music that ‘many will dance to in

Generations to come.

Planners work knows no end,

We cannot stop now.

While the flame burns we are the

Legends without armour.



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