26 Today

Tomorrow left on yesterday’s train,
today i face the day of age
for went time leaves us we are left
with nothing more than the mirror of our
she is the picture of things so true yet
things we fear.
she tells me things i have always feared
and know i hear

tomorrow is gone and
there is no more counting on it

she had my ticket
but i was too late

and i now i sit by the creep and
watch as the moon creeps in,

shimmering over the face of my age
and the dicing of my reality

i am 26 and a child no more!

i have no plan
as i have none lived up to profess
so on the Lord i yearn and learn to watch
as He his plan unfolds at 26 for me.

out the candles are blown
and the ashes a dindle they fade…

life is yet to come
life is yet to be seen…
from you feet oh Lord, i proceed
Spirit lead me.

on the 30th of may i turn 26 much to my disappoint to a life blurred and un’settled’ so to speak in a worldly sense. but to God i look and rely on him to define time and place for my ‘purpose’ here is the craddle of my joy. LOve you Jesus.

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