Where are the drums that beat
Thru our valleys
What good has this growth been?
If we are still enslaved to the superior
Where are the dancers
Where is our song
Our spear stolen away
Education deprived
We lost opportunity
Illiterate-we were teased
With this edu-lacking
Bismarck Hitler
Napoleon Mussolini
Wat good is civilization?
Conforming to convention
Why do we celebrate, commemorate
When it took us from our homes
Promising us gold
But deserting us in
Slum damp polluted factories and alleys for sleep
When it tore our families homes apart
When it degraded our sacred legacies
Where are we now
Cud we ever go back to old times
Even if
I am revolted by this change
That has destroyed our sense of being
And given us this deafening
Illusion of an identity
Africa my own
Africa minced
Africa shared
Africa not mine!
Zhamour  Sibaya
25 April 2003

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