New years! New years!
Ultraviolet splendor of colour canvassing the sky,
A talent of Orchestral echoes that hug the universe,
The world is aloud as every being, including nature
Chants its melody

A new year,
A pinch of mint-salty air after rainfall drops on your tongue,
Filtering into your Memory’s cavity.
A new year- excitement fills the air,
Our chests breathe out a year worth remembering.
Hooray! hooray!
As the Sharman beats the orange dust
Like a maiden beating a drum
The burst of dust rises
Like a skeletal inferno,
The forlorn sun finds a podium of eminence
As it drapes its sheets across our land,
A Flower finds its blossom
Hooray! hooray!

A new year creeps,
Looking ahead
The horizon as it
Teases the eye of things to come
The heart beats faster with anticipation,

A smile spreads across the child’s face,
A feeling of joy
A jubilant celebration,
Her body synchronizes with the wavering manic wind
At the winter’s wintery passing
The joy of excessive indulgence of the
Seasonally forbidden Ice-cream.

Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!!!
A lyric is sung,
And over your shoulder,
There it sits,
A yesterday that You have molded,

A new year
A new year
Is like a chest that graces
The treasures that you made
A year ago!!!! Hurray! Hurray, Budding daisy!!!

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