‘Give me my birthrite’

Give me my birthrite

Sing me cheers

Because you know I am the living dream Dance,

because I make proudness in you

Shout to the world that you’re blessed

Give me my birthrite And let me live

The life an offspring deserves

 Nurture me through this metamorphic phase and let me milk

The joys and rewards of livelihood

Give me this rite and Let me stumble my way…forward

Feed me my buntu Let me define my roots to abantu

Dictate to me so I may learn To see life’s chosen path

To find my soul Give me a love-slap

 Give me a wisdom-slap

Give me my birthrite

Don’t let this life to rot in waste

Hand me my birthrite so I may take in My goals, My deeds, My purpose

Give me my birthrite

Give me life!!!

Zhamour 30 October 2002


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