Happiness is a flower,

When I inhale its scent… every see the rose in me,
I seem to ooze of fragrance
I am contagious,
Lips make song around me,
Words fixate on my rhythm,

Like a parched throat,
I invoke the thirst
To a land with no quencher.

I am like a lily,
Utterance is sweet,
Taste an enhancer,

The feeling’s as warm as a mamma’s Sunday touch
As she remembers to pocket
the handkerchief into your dress.

Did I rise on a new set of sheets,

I am walking on silk,
Served, I am served like a
Fresh scone melting with life.

The breeze around me
Lifts me o its wings and
My whole is lifted.

Happiness is a funny thing
Light as a feather
A smile can brighten and dab like colour into a day.
A hug can resuscitate my most being
A gentle word; a book of joys and love.

Life is eerie
When you find happiness… a gold oasis.
…I am so glad I own it right now.

Zama 25/02/2009


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