Here I am waiting,
Longer You have been waiting for me, I know

Here I am longing;
Longer you’ve been yearning for me to abide in You …on my knees,

I have shed so many tears,
I am parched …muted by life,

I wait for John,
I wait for me to be ready,
I wait for the Eagle to deliver my purposed calling.

I wait for the rainbow,
I wait for the years.

Funny how time flies,
Funny I should say; as though seasons never changed,
As though yesterday was a figment of one’s imagination,
As though Tomorrow is a narrow illusion,
Funny, i should say? When You have already answered?
Basphemy they scoff at my ignorane.

I am waiting not to be alone again,
I am waiting to live a lyric of the song,
To play the role that I cast into the ocean to
swim over the waves of life.

I am waiting to colour my canvas that You have drawn.
Like my pinning spine,
I wait for the cushion to soothe and massage the distortion,
I am waiting to see the day break into night, into another day,another moment, another chapter.
I am waiting to see if the hopes i hold will
ever truly come to being and take flight?
as i sit here,
watching the circled coffee stains dry up into the shrivelling paper.
I am here

Zhamour, Jan 27, ’09


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