We are indeed apart,
But that deed lies to us,
To tear us apart,
Like a drop of salty water,
We drink from its drops on thirsty soil.

We are apart,
As days leaf past like
Bored trees with no wind to keep them company,
Their leaves lay dog-eared like lifeless lumps,
Forgetting to turn the page,
To a moment for you and I to share.
But like a passionate Love Beat,
I lie awake and pray for you;
I ponder on crispy dreams
Where sheets of gold are scattered on the ground you waltz on,
Where your aura keeps them raked in.

The ray of light that warms the skin
And hides the bumps is your smile abright,
The lyric of opera that cheers the heart;
unlocking its hurts, sealing its joys,
And lubricating the Mind’s balance…
Is your voice that spoke words as sharp
as Shaka’s Faultless spear,
A shield:
Your encouraging wisdom;
Fought battles I shunned from.

It is not possible that we could be living outside…
Outside of autumn…
Indeed we are apart,
Synonymous with winter clouds,
That wander alone like a hungry orphan,
Yes we are lives apart,
Like pregnant seas with waves that
Separate the siblings,

My tears will be like drops to the solemn ocean,
Their life will be my heart’s sanctuary till we
Are together again….
And my mind will find peace in Jesus,
Who is the Initiator and Eternity we will know,
When Jesus brings us to a new life….
We will see Him as He is
And when
Silence and emptiness will be no more..,

I love you and I miss you so much so that I cant even tell you how much I do in moments when it really hurts to be apart my friend my sister….i do miss living with you…
Kuzolunga …as Nokuthula always re-assures.

Stay rooted in Christ…for to me to LIVE is CHRIST, TO DIE IS GAIN….
Mwah, xxx


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