I will call you Inspiration,

Not that I know what it takes to

Do what you do…

In your mind

In your spirit,

In your body,

In Your canvas of life

In your dreams,

Your signature of self,

…I might not know, for certain.

You, who has opened a door where there was a

Barrier from dreaming…

A buffer restricting realized potential.

You have polished the floor you stride on

Brighter than a polished tongue.

You have orchestrated an opera

Of lyrical tunes to a

A music box with ancient keys,

And now the ballerina twirls again.

A withering season for you

Didn’t imply a withering soul.

Because you searched on…

You lived on.

I hope my admiration doesn’t

Leave me wallowing in awe.

But helps me and strengthens me to rise to the occasion;

So I can be my own reflection

In the mirror

As I glare at Inspiration.

Thank you…

The soil I stand on is rich,

Its’ natural ingredients are rooted in the Souls

That roam the earth,

Fortunately, I met one! J

Zama, Monday, April 2009 14.


One thought on “‘Inspiration’

  1. “A music box with ancient keys,

    And now the ballerina twirls again.”

    That describes my spirit right there.

    It only got re-ignited recently after I had to find a new reason for living and doing things after my divorce. Freedom has now become my inspiration, without an underlying abstract ideal, I could not get myself to tick so this one is very close to home. I really do feel the ballerina inside my soul twirling again.

    This symbolism is unique and truly your own.It isn’t contrived at all.Thanks for helping me arrive at a better unnderstaning of self.I was like a music box whose ballerina had stopped twirling but the tune has recently started playing again and its getting louder by the day.

    Without inspiration, we are nothing, however each of us must fashion their own inspiration for we are all driven by different things at different points in time.

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