My soul is scattered,
its leaves wither and sail high up into the canopies,
the old dried and coils ones,
form into a heap of lost moments,
in the faze of the maze i am in
I collapse on the heap and gaze up,
as my soul takes light.
For a moment a ray of light
washes over me and i swim in a glimmering light,
it gently takes my hand
I look and my eye tells me,
my heart is off in a bustle to capture,
the one who has her infactuated.
we get to a golden gate and my eye whispers,
‘His name is 2009’
i stand and observe
my eye is in awe;
heart smitten over,
the valves can not contain
so they decide to give in to the pounding pumping.
i long to join them up there
to share in their joy, their moment, united to the same passion.

the ringing-groan of the the phone,
throws a wave of water over the dream
as i wake into the reality of
work that awaits to live upto its deadlines,
A new day waiting to be lived,

Like wiping off the night’s residue from ones cheeks and eyes,
the bitter chlorine tongue-taste on a new morning,
My heart collapses into my mind’s song;
Of a dream waiting to happen,
My heart collases in the inticipation,
my heart colllases in the wonder of it all,
as i ponder over my scattered soul…
is it a shadow of a forlorn past? Or is it real?
My heart wants only to catch just one of the leaves
to be able to live its own Branson breakfast morning over the Falls.
Jan 12, 2008 Zhamour


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