‘You’re beautiful man!’

You’re a brother
Who slams a ball
In a net of a dunk
You’re a brother who gets things done
You’re a brother who always
Score a goal
Like a keeper can handle
Damn, you good
You’re beautiful man!
Down by the hood you change my mood
With all those moves
I am losing gravity
Afloat with affection
Don’t get me wrong
This is not flirt-ation
Just a frame of thoughts
Gentle-sir this is my declaration
That you’re a brother of substance
Not a scrub by definition
Just a ‘babyboo’ in the notion
Brother I could never forget you
While striking that goal
You are picture-perfect
Cos I am swinging
Under your striking spell
Man, you have got the world
Hypnotized in your charm
And this is where all of me is;
Enchanted in adorance of you
So blow your horn baby boo
Cos brother you’ve got game
Intact with studies
Using intuition
Your intellect  Cambridge
Couldn’t league
You have got the world
Holding a trophy
Epitomizing your charm
Damn, you’re good!
Damn, you have got me swept, overwhelmed
My mind contorted
At this amazing artistry
You have got me motivated too
Pen in hand mind in ink
To shade in tones and textures
Rough to the edges
Soft smooth silky centre
Don’t get me wrong this is not flirt-ation
But brother
You’re just damn too beautiful!
Zhamour Sibaya
07 March 2003

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