Darkness,I call out

In the dark

You are my cure,

Sweet mixture to curb the cough

Like lycra everything fits like a glove,

A genuine invisible presence.

I am;

 am to my skin

as breath is to life.

Sun to meaning,

Night to confirmation.

A body

peppered meanings of body.

A closing of events.

Like the mind’s strewn enigma

Summing up in its shards

Of man’s minute occurrences.


Night, I echo

Night gnaws at the gullet

Causing unshifting bodies,

Like dried shoes of forgotten bathers

Night, An infectious malady that eats at the

Eschewed poise of a leper.

Here, in this staged quiet,

Dogs bark in oblivion,

Beckoning the sun to its place once more.


Night, night again,

Darkness lures the faint,

Like followers swallowing a

Silver cloud of air foam;

They dress up their night thoughts and mind seizures

With bright sparkly silks and loose leathers

They spill magical and enrobing brews,

To fiercely speak out their naked crimson herrings.

Night, makes the Day appear weak and extended

Far too much to bear.



In the Dusky Snores_

And against the dim light of Dark,

Right where the beginning starts,

Momentarily, the hand skids a rock on ocean surface,

As lycra the body slithers like a snake,

What the eyes tell are lies for a minute,

Body is perfected against the dark light,

With nothing to change, everything in place.

And the heart endures its’ own

Tragedy in the dark ray shadows;

The looming succession of Light.

Looming Lite

22 / 01/ 2012/23:05pm


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