My most beautiful God,

Beseeching God;

The I AM so divined

You call your maidservant early

as the first dove to break lyric

to sing to your Name;

with hips that sway like the

untamed waves set for shores;

right at the foot of the Cross.

Your muse makes music for You Lord,

Lifting up the curtains of shame and sorrow.

Unveiling the celebration of an Eternal tomorrow.

Oh, Most Beautiful God

You have given me the sweetest dreams only,

I rest and awake in the plains of Peace.

My joyful journey has been mapped

with the blessings of the Father.

Every thirst is quenched and ceases to be

as You hold my cup in Your Own.

Oh, Most Beautiful God,

I yearn with curiousity for tears

as the joy You have given me; overthrows all;

My sadnesses You burrow in crevices unknown to me.

My pains I forget to feel let alone seek.

The longings are uprooted;

longings for more of what’s here,

longings that fill a house with much,

that echo the heart’s follisome wants

and a soul overloaded with a thinning lifeline.

Oh, Most Beautiful God,

You, find me, finitely lost in a cosmos,

You perch my soul amongst the planets.

Oh, Mighty God

You purchase me with the riches finer than gold;

riches of flowing streams from Zion’s Lover

and You Crown me Your Righteous.

Oh, Precious Lord,

How highly You have favoured Your kind.

Your maidservant becomes Your Bride;

an immaculate Queen

A gem that fills the space with beauty Divine.

Oh, Lover of my Soul,

You have anchored me in the soil of certainty,

As I reign in You, I receive Your best.

I abandon every fear and desire of touch, traded for,

and overflowing with Your embracing reverence of a Sovereign Love.

You clean my ears with spills of grace,

You coax my tongue with delectable praises to Mercy.

My hands touch the rays

what walts on water like silken sash;

A faith with no photo but

A hope engraved to heart.

Oh Most beautiful God,

Early You arouse me, each day,

I adorn your purpose robe

Listening for your doors to open,

Eagerly, I sing aloud with smiles, ubundant,

Knowing I wait no more

For You have called and elected me,

You Own.

My Most Beautiful God!

Windy sunset,5pm, Blaauwbergstrand, Mon, 5 March 2012


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