I can’t unwrap and unravel my life

without being intertwined to who you are;

You’re my smile

You’re my rose

You’re my sunshine

My very wings that soar the sky

You’re my water, raindrops of tickles

My joy and my soul.

I long to be half the life

You are.


I’ll carry my memories to tomorrow

I will carry the victorious and quiet

Pain of hoops you passed through

I will carry your life like a golden frame capturing

An endless smile, light for my world to see.

I will carry your sentimental thoughts and rituals

Quirks and mystery;

Things no one understood or had the patience

For precious’ worth.

I carry the milestones you travelled

To live my life as a reflection of your zeal and not your

Would-be  purpose fulfilled;

A Kleenex of missed opportunities.

You were moulded out of rock

To withstand the greatest trial

And still …… to conquer even this, a lesser preferred life.



Who is like you?

Can anyone ever love so deep?

A private devotion the world never

Hears even as the citadel in me

echos  with gusto so deep and feverishly full of promise.


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