You made me a better woman

You made me a jewel nations can speak of

If I fall short of a home,

You gave me your heart to keep me going


There is nothing I need more than you

There is nothing you haven’t shown to me

I can live every day,

Having everything I need

Just being here belonging to you

For just a day in your heart

Is a forever I chase in dreams

You keep me near in your heart

Your lips are never far from prayer

Because of you I know God

And God’s made me his own

You the blessings  I have is you.


So now

as my hair gets lighter and weaker

As memories become paler than pale

And I recline myself to

The butter of daily blessings;

The things we have done

And the life we’ve lived through

The we privately hoped for

I am to you

Half the life you are to me.

There was grace

There was love

A forgiveness that rose each day with the sun

There was joy, a cheer for every step I took

In you, I was always on path

There was mercy,

my weaknesses you turned to fields of gold

Now I’m pure and found to be without fault

In You I am worthy

What is greater bliss?

So heavenly.

I long to be half the woman you are.


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