I ponder on the

The things we have done

This life we have lived through

The life hoped upon

The laughter that brought us tears

You were there with me.


I remember you picking after me

Standing up for me

From the kids we told on me

A quarrel over a pen I’d stolen

A scarf I pretended was mine.

Who can forget the summers together?

You defended me just to stand by me

I had your warmest favour

Even God’ found favour in me

Because of u


Have I ever been right?

For the payment I misplaced

The miscalculated turns I’d taken

For the reasons I made up to get that dress

It seems by you

Everything I am

Is always right in your eyes.


Now that your silence fills my space

And your memories flooding

Like storms of japan

Nothing to take, not taken

I know with every bit of me

You loved me so tenderly.

You fixed my hair and stitched my top

Wiped my stains and held my hand

For a chance to just make the top

I watched you grovel in life for my joy

You made me whole


For every day that you filled my life

I needed nothing more to having you;

I count every moment with you as a treasure


No longer are you here

Your gentle steps fade with the colour of the rug

Your scent is passing

You simply won’t be seen

Except for your shroud buried in my sorrow

You’re gone, no longer there

To fill the room with your warmth

Your sweet affections toward the Future you wove for me

As every glimmer in your eye

Gave my future a ray of hope

You give me credit worth your assets

Your heart is my shelter from its shadow I stand transfixed



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