still picking the pieces

its only been days gone

The last bit of me

(From us: Her LIFE embezzled)

from my privacy;

(From us: We didn’t know)

asking if ‘I was still enough’

(Are we ever ample?)

like no power of my own to decide

(From us: You created for and gave us soulful harmonies)

a coercive battlefield

(From us: The egoistic void existence of audience and flashing vultures)

even in thought.

(From us: Rest your mind, you know you’re WORTHY Beloved)

Mamma’s know

they fix you into your Sunday best

early on when your feet are light with butterfly ankles

and your spirit flighty,

‘The presence of the Lord God is divine’

‘Give him your best’, she says.

Nippy did.

In packing slowly she found her peace

Faintly wishing you’d appreciated it too.

Though now her beauty is gone, it’s gone past prime

A beauty that is engraved in our hearts

A beauty awaked by a sweet angelic wail.

Her pieces are without measure

And know that even to her, Grace upon her was

divine to give her chords,

through decades to last,

For you.

For me.

For all.

Such is grace eternal

like your Sunday bests’

it’s an everlasting Hope,

“Family, I’m home, Family, Hallelujer” she says.

In My ears, she lives on.

In my heart, her lyrics ring to life.

Thank you, Whitney.

Feb 16,2012

Music-loving adorers


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