The great Trek Posted on September 24, 2011 by Zhamour This journey of this page begins when I decide to leave work and seek change. It seems the nature of my life happens in seasons of change, every three or four years something drastic has to evolve in my day to day existance. Over the years, I’ve resorted to shaving my head, once I took up gardening for a full day in my Grandfather’s backyard and lately, moving home and jobs has landed itself to the list. I’m watching ‘The Pianist’, Władysław continues to dream in an attic and longs for the end of a war that has rocked his world. His dream is that he plays the piano for a Radio station and what do you know, dreams do come true, even the impossible they too, come through. And so the new journey of my life unfolds. I had put the lid on dreams when I started work and now it seems the universe and God are doing the dreaming for moi ci and I am letting it all unfold. Thank you for sharing this dream with me. Enjoy the trek with as it unpacks…

via The great Trek.


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