Lily’s promise

Home to God’s Little Wonders.

Sad not waking to your whispers and misty kiss,

Sunrays skidding on the veld branches

searching for life to perch on

The boastful sun stretching its arms over nature

like a blanket in a sleeping winter.

Life so serene.


Lily’s promise;

Collected around a table of hopefuls

filling cups with love and affection

Trusting the work of the Divine to weave in the background

Like bounding silent streams flowing deep.


Lily’s promise

Little hands grace life on their faces

Yet unveiled to its entices

They bow to a Grace for eternal atoning.

Each day we rise to their sunrise

And they (children) fall to the call of their Father.

We found them to teach something,

But God the Father had something to reach us with.

As their voices hit the ceiling in chorus,

The lyrics convict my life

like a truth that glues itself to my ears.

Each day offered us something new and refreshing

In the moment when it mattered

God offered us more of Himself

He says children are His; a gift to us.

The tears of a child under God’s hand of conviction

Not only humbles but shames an adult who has lost the magic for their Savior

My God, my Kind King and Saviour, I am yours.

A broken record of affirmations.

“My hope I carry to heaven” they sang

Echoing to heaven’s door,

I felt it, so real so simple,

Their devotion promised nothing

But time and again offered of itself;

Expecting nothing that wasn’t already given

When God gave Himself.


Lily promised me my cleansing; an anniversary of God’s promise

Lily, to you I come back;

When eyes see no more

When the heart forgets its first love

When the mind is too mature to learn new things

The Lord reached me with his words and

We heard what He said

From long ago,

“And there is no God Apart from the Righteous God and Saviour; there is none but me”

We bow like a setting sun

Undeniably, we bow.

“Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God and there is no other.”

I can’t explain the Spirit’s hand as he works in my life

Offering treasure

like Lily’s promise

To wake to faces eager to hear more of God,

To live and see a new day to try again; His way.

To warm into relationship as we find a base of trust

Children can fill your heart with hope

As they dearly hope in God.

Lily as you lie in your sacred hide-out offering

Serenity and breathing space;

Crisp moments of youthful worship,

Comfort fills my heart to know

You will be there

Year after year,

Sheltering God’s Little Wonders

His instruments of wonder

Where grace is given a face.


Lily of the valley,

I am a different person.

Come again, come back into my life

For now I will cover the lantern

And hold on to the smiles of children;

their voices that cry out to God

for more of Him.

Here is all of life’s worth!

Lily of the Valley, Camperdown, Pietermaritzburg

June 2012, 30


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