I did not tell you

What you could not grasp with breath

So I left it for a better time

Time when tears have dried

And piercings concealed


I did not tell you

What you couldn’t handle,

To hold my pain and

Identify its vulnerability

Without wanting to run and shun suffering’s omen,

Like a bullet dodged,

I know you would see shame

Not determined courage

Boldly you lay claim to our closeness

But I know cling-wrap would be loose

At a time when all is taken and I am in need of

Just you.


I didn’t tell you

Because somehow I love you better

Knowing you bolder than this,

Absence grows the heart fonder to things know

Those things unknown and unfelt shield us

In season’s solid and saved.


I did not tell

Because a part of me

Fears that in you I lose courage

The confidence you have in me

When seasons are smooth.

Her private disposition

June 22 2012


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