(Watching and listening to the Adele at Royal Albert Hall #wow’zer)

Saying goodbye to home on the door light of a new chapter to life.

A daunting feeling as I look forward to starting over so closely behind a life past.

With its many joys of cheerful experiences and a few soiled and borrowed sorrows. Someone these encounters of man and nature have made me who I am today.

I am growing and learning. I can’t really claim to have mastered life but I know enough to amply propel life forward into the estimative and welcome unknown.

No regrets, well maybe a fear like bits of crumbs that sit in the bottom of a cookie ja; sweet reminders of a life once was.

 Feeling ready to face change and for once again to be challenged ; always setting the trail for my life purpose as others inspire my journey into my passions and talent and life’s mere interest and not to follow the path too much lest I lose my way and forget what I am about and what my calling in life is.

 July 8, 2012


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