So you’re back in town
That familiar coast
Slip right back into routine
And no one notices what’s right under their nose
That you’d for a time stopped
Time’s tick is a tock of norm
You usher into the door
Many warmths the daybreak promises
In your belly you dance
To the music of the wind
Swish, swash, sash
A gentle breeze that caresses like cashmere
You’re on your toes
Onto new things
Funny, even the scent of coffee refreshes,
The bite of lemon as sharp
as cold steel against fermented vacs
You are leaping with full charisma
Even your shadow is enthused
Nothing is left unshaken,
Soles dusted off the ground
Such are the ways
Like a nosey cat, you own twitches with anticipation
You can’t say no
You get on it
For every thought is worth the smile
A time for fresh manis and pedis
It’s the perpetual leap year
That thunders not but neither slumbers
Aah, tomorrow is a time that perseveres
Where today comes to know
A bouquet of devotions,
A harvest of applied committals
To taste
To even see
And better smell the presence of a new day
Who’s conceived and crowned to the core of a new year
Jan 6, 13


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