You’re keeping me together

As when everything is in tact

My turbulent nervous heart

Rests in your palm

As lilies blanket the plain

I, Your lily and you my plain

It wouldn’t be news if I told you I was scared and clueless

Time over you carry me

You whisk me into your solid foundations

I meander about aimlessly each day

And you chauffeur me to your desire and pleasure.

I wish I would carry the scent of you

In the pocket of my wing and waltz

On the clouds of the sky to serenade you

To entertain you,

May my heart be enough that you sense my love.

I want to see to you, face to face

That you’d hear my heart’s echo

The gratitude in you.

But I guess this will do

For you knowing how rooted,

 I am in you as you

Keep me whole.

Jan5, 2013


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