I know that the Lord is above you

Even now, his love so divine and relentless dwells within you.

As your body reverberates with life,

It intrinsically is the verbatim of God breathing in you.

Time and legacy have the meeting like nestling place for inseparable souls.

Your bosom is the hiding place of all curiosity and fantasy.

A season’s leaf will bow and waltz before your eyes

A sun and moon colliding in the auburn-shimmer splendour

Change is empirical

It is a gem on darkened soil; a brothel of organic soul feeding the universe.

Beauty and life’s joy has no finality

It is bountiful laughter than never closes the horizon’s pass

It is endless indeed, like a river overflowing

And may it be still

As the swaying strokes of a brush

As timeless as a chapel

Effortless as breath.

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