People die young poemThe people die young
What will they say happened to him?
She went and we forgot she ever was
Now he is gone
Nippy went too and the last regret
Was that she too was much too young
Trayvon, Hadiya left speechless
Just like the lily of India,
too soon taken without warning

The young die too soon
I am not ready to die
There’s so much to live for
Yet they are caught alone,
No one to hear them as the snare
Of death snatches their souls
Is fate even fair when time’s not tame?

The young die too young
We raise our cups like restless miners
Eager with thirst
We toil in dungeons searching for another dig at gold
Everyday like the rest,
We give up our tools for the books
Just in search of inspiration
The light of passion like a candle prematurely burnt out

You see even Diana would have been young still today
I just think of Brenda
And cherish the little we had
of her essence because she is no more
It’s nobody’s fault since no one will claim it
I’m just not ready to die so young

We are waiting
Waiting for our jobs
Waiting for our lost passion to unfurl
Like a sleeping rose of Sharon
We are waiting on the hopes
To be next to be called soldiers of today.
Don’t you see the young?
Sit , eagerly waiting for a chance to change the world
Before days dusk to blaze the night
with victory and hanging honour
Before such time as strength and zeal
fraternize with crow’s feet and frailty
And regret a box of memories
Tucked under the frill
And tomorrow is no more
But a lighter hue of the sun

God, don’t take me yet
Not before I make your mark clear
And if I must go let me strike the last of my bucket list
So that I may rest when time’s journey is passed
When I have kissed the warmth of your cheek
And I have sipped of the well of contented and completed youth
Where death has no snare
but only conveys my shadow home
As I find my way to the sleepless home of heaven’ castle.

Note: July 2013, Cory is a celeb. He’s about my age and he is gone. I cried today…just as I did when Amy died, Nippy died, Diana…Aaliyah, Brittany Murphy, Left-Eye, Gaye. I don’t know these people but I wish they didn’t pass so unnecessarily and most importantly so young. I imagine a world with Spurgeon, CS Lewis, Bronte, Aaliyah and all my good influences and I’m left feeling despondent that though losing them deeply saddened and shocked us…we are yet still losing many others, too frequently in our youth.
July 14, 2014


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