Our Love finds
magic in spontaneity
It’s in the
little glimpses and stolen moments
i love it
when you stand in
for me…

You, exquisitely atuned to me
patterning to the rolling folds of my
heartvalley of unspeakable adoration for You

My quiet stream of declaration
Your face; the suns beaming swipe
Your presence; a resident calm
The mere nearness of you
and I want to haul out my FrankSinatra, EllaFitzgerald, DorisDay, KingCole …
Lyrics of you and the dance…
the sway of your beat.

yearning for roadstrips & ice-cream,
showers and rides
I want pamper and calm moments
with You
in a boundless world
no sketches or breaches of disorder…
distortion nor forbiddence …

I want You,
To give You;
All I am
The bits, you want me to be;
Love to You
Laughs and finger twine&linkage
You are exquisitely perfect
to me & so big in loving

…see how your silent and salient
touches captivate me…
enabling me
to AWE of YOU richly
just like this
very cup of foamy caffeine cappucino love .

You are amazing always

#coastal #coastal #love #music #same #passion #waiting #anxiety #heart #surrender #Time #Durban #Coffee #cappucino #beauty #mesmerize #Affirm #Gratitude



One thought on “ink Poetry on a coffee cup & ChouxPastryHeart

  1. Poem about love and its meandering….about ChouxPastryHeart the lyric and the InfallibleHoping of Two-destined-Hearts.
    PS: If you love them; hope for them, pray for them, sync your all with their all, be kind and aware; present. adore them till you can read between the beats of their Heart’s rhythm. When they can’t breathe without smother or see a new day with out your beam. Believe in them…until love comes knocking at your door…

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