I hope that you find something;
a memoir, where you are
The thing you bring back with you
The one thing you bring into your tomorrows


The one thing you invite into your Mzansi life
The thing that is a semblance of purpose and passion
The thing that is your chant spurring you on to greater heights


The thing that affirms You…and your prana
The thing that is your righthand partner watching over you; fighting with the lightest, lithe sharpest sword for your victories
The one thing that puts a smile on your face
The one thing that keeps your soul youthful

That one thing that assembles all that matters much to you
The one thing you can depend on
The one thing that confirms your path and affirms your convictions
That one thing that magically sings you home


That one thing that you can rely on
the Thing in your heart pulsing through you
The thing that lingers
The thing that cling onto

It is that one thing that may be old and familiar
borrowed or heirloom-owned
It may be new and purchased
A gift or prerogative
a thing momentarily consumed or a thing as solid as a heart’ engraving and a mind’ cement
A thing that is everlasting like the air you breathe


A thing as continuous as the sky
A thing as paramount as the seeking horizon
A thing as intimate as an interlude; privileged & swift
A thing as beautiful as Mother Nature’s compassion
That thing so authentic and

May you find it, hold it &own it with all your Worthy Might.
May it serve you this day.



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