Dawn so still
As nature’s conversation
Fills the space
Butterfly dreams flutter
Sunrays on Sunday’s dawn
Such stillness
Souls abound
A touch of heaven
No tensions around
Seized by joys
Merry-go-rounds lift us up
Soaring into skies
On invisible wings
Kissing the soft candy
Of clouds and the
Cashmere brush of winds
Colour so vivid and tame
A song, whispery
A heartbeat, promising
A mind turning its clock
A new leaf unfurls
The earliest call
Hope in training
Love blooming
Voice uninhibited
Space of welcome
Smiles beckoning
Eyes filled with wonder
A new day
Is home
A soul
Wide awake
Teapots steaming and waiting
To be poured out
A piano itching to be touched
A garden’s excitement over summer rain
A puppy posted by the door
A fragrance colliding with a hint of character
A baby’s first sound
An ancient book opened
A trinket past down the line
A moment’s recall
Morning’s usher in
All the freshness
And the Lady bug
Is just passing by
To welcome the first sight
To what’s dawning.

ladybug pin

ladybug pin1

vamid trunov pin


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