Rest assured
He won’t fail you
He won’t ever leave you.

See his love endures
Every obstacle you face
His love’s shining and smiling on you
Touch his hand and feel his warmth
Draw closer and know he’s here
‘Come’ he says ‘I’m your Warrior’
smithsonian Powwow

Baby, hand it all over to me
The weight of the world, it’s my load
Look up as you look to Me,
Look into My eyes
And draw from its compassion
Embrace my strength
Let me lift you up
Fit your feet on my own
And let your sorrow fade

Gregory Colbert bushmangirlCheetah Pin

THE BALLERina remember by Manu Mo

I will reach and leach it out from you
I will I promise
I will drain it out of you, empty
And fill you with endless butterflies
Sweetheart, you’re delicate
the waltz of a princess
I can only love you
long and strong
Come and dance your soul in me.
If you just let me in

Open your raw heart to me, dandelion
I will count and preserve your petals
All your petals will last forevermore
In my hands like
Your heart that anchors and attaches to so much
Against the webs of fear in the world
My compassion will be your fortress, Mr Fortress
My strength your safety
My love, I can’t ever let you go
But you can so I can free you

Rest assured, rest assured
I answer you like
A candle that burns against time and quake
Rest assured,
You’re the fragrance of my presence
Rest assured I AM
Rest assured love is eternal
Rest assured I give you rest
Rest assured I am your rock, Mr Rock
Rest assured,
You are loved
Rest assured; you are all I want
Rest assured, deliriously I love you
Rest assured
Swallows have plenty
But you are my every thing


firebird eugene von grona

Meister Eckhart pin

Fall in my step
Don’t be too hard on your heart
I will always love you, effortlessly
I lay down my life for you
You matter so much, much more.
Do you know there’s no end to you, in Me?
Rest assured, rest, rest, rest, rest!

Come to me and
Fill My Life with your time
Paint your shade over My Day
Fill My Moments with butterfly smiles
Sing Me your Love
Past what your ear hears,
sting me with your awe and hunger for Me
I want you near
Come to me
Love me
Love me.

Rest assured,
You can’t fail me
Daughter, you amaze me.
Rest assured, you are never forgotten
Rest assured,
You are precious and never misplaced
Rest assure; I carry you
Rest Assured;
You are all mine.

Ballerina - Stencil art by Martin Whatson
(Ps.62 Inspiration – #Uminathi #Yibahuwe)


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