You are the magic of Time
You manifest in my presence
The strength I never had
The power I haven’t seen

So many ways and things
As in the many ways I have taken
Stole and enticed My heart
For more than You

I have stored crystals in my heart
A vault of all luxury
The chandelier that weighed down
Adorning the glory I fiercely fought for
Time and time again
Until Time broke it stroke
When I lost you,
I lost everything
The sun, the moon and the stars,
They shone deeper
Penetrated the intimacies of my heart
Than the echo of your Voice
Not that stars remove our worth
But my heart soon replaced You, fickle
For the elements I couldn’t reach
Sometimes, faux love comes
Dressed as a king before my eyes
But as soon as I stretch my arms
They don’t seem long enough
Yet You are the consuming fire
I feared a long time ago and neglected
Like the rags I made
of childhood’s gowns and slippers
I couldn’t see that You were my Only
Because how could a lost soul
Appreciate a good thing, forlorn to it
So it went, You magnificence passed me by
It’s thunder only scared me a minute
But at its end
As it lulls to sleep
My heart tamed to slumber
Pushing aside any of its wonder
The warning that blankets the prey
Yet my heart
Is always waiting for the next good thing
Set out like the steaming aroma of a fresh brew
These things are temporary treasures
Kept my heart yearning
Hinged on the hooks of a new day
Whatever it may bring
As feelings flutter on every embrace
Nothing able to shun away
My secret demons
And pitless void

And so I am riding this
One more time around
I will learn to skip over the potties
That trip me up
Till I want and need it, crave it
No more

I will strike through it
Erase its memory
If it’s the last thing I do on my living breath
Just to have You
Like an old soul
Wrinkled by life’s choices
And kneeling on the grace’ face-lift at the end

I look for you,
my oasis in the barrenness
I look for You
In the morning light
Amidst the cucumber breathe of nature
The release of life; crisp and inviting
Even as I embrace You
These only tease me
As a reflection of You
I know how my crippled heart
Of youth couldn’t fathom
What is now the endurance of joy
You are what I want
Unlike so so so many
Things that have
walked on and left me here
With empty suitcase memories
Love so often absent
Walked out my door
And I was too foolish,
Too afraid to grasp
Just the thing I deserved
Never knowing my place
Was above all
that my eyes
never could see,
could yearn for

Now with You
Holding me to Yourself
I stand taller than I’ve been
I swam past the turbulent seas
Past the see-saw life;
the ways the world loves to be;
just to see the things staying the same.
Until You walked in
Swept me beyond my rooted soil
You showed me
Your kind of Good
In Your strength I found
The key to my hopes
In Your kindness I gave
My heart to abandon
Leaning on Your favour
This is Your Promise;
This is my all
You came below all things
To raise me higher than angels
In the distress,
The world taught me to distrust
But You, jus
Still me with the Touch

You’re my forever goodness
The love I never knew and always had
Was so close to me
And just because You
Have shown Yourself to me
I am able
To Love You

I know you
Like no other
You are my abandon
You are my world
The stars and moon
Your Love it fills my life
The miracle that sparks hope
The Wonder of this walk
I know you

You say so this much
So I know
Just how different You are
And yes, I do
Besides You,
There is no other
For me
You’re every facet
of my every age
For You are all
I’ll ever need
The Heavens come down
The earth rumbles to red dust
You show me Your strength
My Fire ignited In my soul;
Primarily, You are.
For there is none
But You
This I abandon myself to
Your promise
I take each day
To seek You
Desire You
Even as You are near
Loving me
With Your mighty Presence
Stronger and greater.
So Your promise, I keep
To forever be Yours, my Love.
The miracle of Time
For Eternity
Is in You.

Inspiration: Deut 4:15-40
If you ever take time out to this passage of Deut 4:15-40, You see that The Lord is God and God is good
Love and Hope are anchored on many different pillars and you know what is true for you.
As for me, to know Him is to Love Him. My Forevermore


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