You are the spring water I’m yet to taste
Completely quenching
I endure You

You are the mountain I couldn’t climb
Any more to reach
Instead I set up camp on your upper arm
When my vision blurs
Your sun still guides my way
I endure You

You wrap around my heart
A girdle of wartime shielding strength;!
The final knot of the cord
The last stretch of a mile
The longest day and ight
When all in me is alight
I endure You

You are the promise of the olive years
The have come of good years
The season of splendour
I endure You

Afro Debuntants

Afro Debuntants

The scent of raindrops
The first kiss of a tear
The taste of sorrow
That only a Knightly King bestows
You’re the cleansing milk
You sand down
My Rough edges
Where tumbleweed and Biden’s tick
All fall away at our union
You only come
To cleanse me
I. Endure. You.

I attribute all delight to you
A finger lift bounty
Of expanded abundance
The charm that points to choice
The essence of rest
It’s luxury
The supple net of happiness
The enormity of Hope
The new Thing in me
I endure You
You are the
My Magnificent
I endure You


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