Just to be close to you

For a minute

For an hour

I would have my lifetime…

I need to finish this song

Not like a stain I forgot to wipe away

A memory between lines

No, you here and near me

I would for one

Forget my flightiness

Just want for you

People and days

Don’t matter

Check lists and alarms

Only pollute the polite

Quiet of your aura

Just being near

Is tailspinning craze

That unchain the locks

Of my braids and rigid mind

You’re mightily the craziest

Most honest desire I’ve ever known

And that you know me

And love me the same

Is a dome of splendour

I take shelter

Now, I bow and vow in awe

Of You

Here is all of me


Soaked in the largeness

Of life with You.

You’re so close

My skin tingles

My heart plummets

I don’t know this

I didn’t know that

Even wanting your love

Drives my heart beyond its borders

I only Am because

You have made me your own

In my heart

In my chest

In my mind

In my thoughts

In my want

In my need

Is Your place




Near me.



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