Sunshine is ours

We dust our boots of life’s strife and

our age’s boredom

The morning is ours

We sip on harmless ‘tinis

We got no need for sorrow

Or the shadow of life’s laundry

We are rolling with wind

Comforted by the greenest blanketed ground

Lifted on the wings of friendship and open skies

Laughter is a welcome cheer

And against the light

It is always the fitting companion

I won’t let go

I will keep holding on

The band of sisterhood

Is what we have

A property and shield

That never rusts

An unspoken oath, unspoilt

And as long as you live

I will bate you to smile

Mosaic your memories

And fill the voids that ensnare.

I will encourage you to get up and dance

To wake up and taste the coffee

To change and expect something more

To know that the sun never fails

And when you walk out the door

I won’t have to remind you to

Forget your rights

To forget the onlookers

To forget your shoesshoes behind

As you serenade the day

In the companionship

And warmth of the sun.

It’s a lot better in Africa

It is endless summer

It browns and brands us

To leave us with a memory’ s embraceembrace

Each day is precious


Under the sunshine

With a friend as old as time

And a jar of cooling lemonade

Isn’t life just dandy!!!


Note to her on her sorrow:

“You’re worth more than gold and sorrow’s grip…and because of this I know you will make it through. You need life to cut you some slack… To give you rest and living joy.I hope it happens soon beyond it all …something greater: Infallible even! A storm…A warrior. a ray of sunshine…Air to breathe…Love…A weapon…A dove of peace…come your way to break you free…from passing pain.”



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