All things work out for our good!
The world is designed for your soul’s acquaintance
So is its Time


Take from life all it gives you
Be to God, the whole world of life he seeks of you
So fill the oceans
And paint the skies
Give the world your all

Your honesty is your aura to us all
Your generosity is your fragrance to us all
Your inner beauty is your kindest and most selfless kiss to us.
Your thoughts spoken tell of your naivety or grace
Your peace the innocence of the day.

Things are as they are supposed to be
The ways of life though unpredictable are familiar
Though the darkness of death is never to be familiar


Your experiences are patterned by the past, your reactions and your environment
Though challenges are never easy
All hardships are meant to be endured and conquered;
So trying is as good as winning.


Relationships are the seeds of the soil and roots of the earth
We develop as we envelop others into our syream
Some relationships are functional;
They are compartments so just be careful not to seal your heart in
As things keep re-occuring then tell a new story
As faux pas people keep re-occuring; pull out.
As good things come in line, acknowledge all the good around you and be grateful
Having the time of your life, sometimes looks like have weird vulnerable surprises
In those moments of raw and unglamorous life; embrace is the safest response.


As the years build on, dreams have fewer milestones and shorter lists
Small moments have greater impact
Fortune and destiny depend entirely on people and place
Change is fluid
Experience, a ride

Taking the time out to yourself
Is the hardest and most rewarding…most truthful


[ Kuolas are cute!
Eating ice cream makes sense
I can’t hate Bey
Music and Humility are attractive
Curves are stunning
You matter
God is loving
Opera is good… Soothing
Learn to speak some vernac
I have to stop…..

Live to the fullest like
No regrets.


Remember the magic within. #Yibahuwe


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