Psalms 145&146 – Just being You


I love you because you allow me to absorb your goodness
You are greatly to be loved
You extinguish all that is turmoil and anguish to me
In your ways you cause my dreams and purposeful desires to prevail
I find every step within me becomes a stepping stone to the legacy of my offspring
You are my hope
My trust is anchored on you


I find ways to weave you into my life daily
My joys and dreaming are doused in your fragrant favour
I know you by your stride
I sense your presence in absence for your aura covers my skin like cashmere
As does your character and might which enwrap my soul
Though times tell of good for nothing
My worth is embalmed in the compassion you show me
Its little wonder the world collides with my peace
That very goodness and mercy you cocoon in the crevice of my heart
Its an endless exploration for your mystery and greatness is unsearchable
Yet daily I thirst for you
Under every breath’s whisper
Fears leave my quivering lips
Like withering leaves at autumn’s leisure
I gather my doubts like a heap of chaff
knowing your uncontainable controlled wind blows order to my mess
I glean in glorious splendour of
things hidden to my heart
But mysteries certain to the soul
Here in Your arms I live in my forevermore
In abandon I marry my soul blindly trusting your hand over my head every minute
I empty my heart of its contents
Like a char Charmaine cleans a house after a passing of the last heir
Like a bride who walks into a new house and inspects every cardboard and imprints them to her mind
You are my ring bearer, the one I depend on to do good and kindly on me
And as you endure me I give over alli am to you to do as you please even thorny depends unfathomed
I open my eyes to the day and know the way ahead is yet to horizon
Yet at this plateau I lean into you and find my footing stable


Each day I learn you like the mist kisses the morning with her tender dew rinse
Each day you preserve my smile and forthcoming innocence
You mold my integrity into iron like fists strengthened for war yet
Full of splendour like a queen adorned in crowned jewels
You are forever ahead of me
Setting free all the knots that shackle my movement
Tripping over my opportunities and wellness
I see your might and even I am inwardly frightened by your dominance
I love you madly like an unconditioned dam, pouring out and over
I fear you tremendously that my pores swell and sweat at the working wonder of you
I am consumed by your spicy truth
It is a brewing pot of help and a lighthouse of refuge
For all the sorrow this vault may bear you are the fullness of a season
I live in
Here. Where you placed me you enable me
I reserve all judgement and scorn against the measure of your grace that fills oceans
A stranger to you I am no more
For at my doorstep you knocked
And stole my heart for heaven’s keeping

I bow to your lording hand in which I snugly fit
And open my heart to submit to your ample satisfaction

Just being you
Ps145& 146

Remember the magic within.


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