Woman to woman
Sisters n Christ
I imagine I care enough about you
to be able to say these things to you
I’m not without error ( and not much for experienced wisdom),
though I am securely Perfectly love.

Gregoire Alexandre

Pray you would love yourself tothecross, completely;
Leave not a drop behind
so that
all beings are loved through the filter that is Divine
That is error free love
Love that is non-accidental
Love that is unconditioned
Love that is not tangible like a label but
Love that is self-suffient: it needs not an ounce of fuel from us
This is because it is a love that is unconscious of now’s nature
Love that is timeless
Love that is spaceless
Love that is normless unconditioned by trends
Yet still
Love that is constitutional in an order divinely tiered
Love that we receive,
having nothing to give like a passing ticket
This love that fashions women into flowers that clothe and dignify the land
This love that gives men tools and teaches them the wonders of wisdom
And the strength and power of respect to the willing
This love that roots a child’s wilds and tames their waywardness
It’s not the love of our own yet still is made for us

Now a woman can love the world with this love
Her heart is the crazed artist who’s restless and sleepless until
Her canvas fills and her raw authenticity is spilt on the ceiling
Like an emblem worthy of her
A Rembrandt of lasting grandeur
Just as a chandelier is to a meandering castle foyer

#Oscadelarenta #mayaangelou

#Oscadelarenta #mayaangelou

Who’s worthy of this ransom?
Any one who recognises her vault of gems
Who’s deserving?
Him who’s able to amplify her bounty and fill to overflow her precious trough
A nations treasure trove
A woman’s visage is crystalized in the shadows that surround her
For they never leave nor forsake her
Her aura is the ambiant nearness of those that drink her like
A desert camel fondly consumes and cherishes an oasis
Who can make her last forever?
Who can hold her legacy to root
Archived in the crevices where the soul alone finds rest
Yet still who is she
And what is she
As you approach the

Let the city bell echo in each day
Tell the towers to let in the messenger
May the children sing in mirth at sunset as the earlybird wakes the earth
Let her pages never wrinkle as the world’s told through her
Let the milk of the earth satisfy to no end
Let old men revive her in their memory
And even today
May the thought of her
Keep the flame alive even in the winds and storms
The lark will soar in season and out of season
Like a soldier
Hovering over her keep
In all this the
Grandmother elder
Will keep her passion
Seeping her love out and wide in valleys
Where streams are in their excess
Her innocence
Remains preserved
For Him Alone who can
love her to no end


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