The realisation
Of being
Anchored to reality
I invested time and gave up
work falsehood and incomplete Lifestyle
And look
I did not make a mockery of it…
thank you Lord
Life’s imperfect hey
I’m so grateful…thank you so much.

Life needs just a little bit of patience,
this only time alone teaches.
I couldn’t walk in Job’s shoes…but I can try.
Because I can’t reject God and
the significance of his difference in my existence.
Luck I do not have but the richness of grace,
that is favour upon me.
Unlucky in so many ways
that I can’t answer the question of life.
I can not grumble in case I appear unrepentant
but sure as day
this world lies barren and broken
a facade of Canaan.
I hunger and thirst through my thirties
and wonder can the tide ever turn
and a new leaf unfurl in my favour
Maybe I cannot understand
the wonder of birth and
wealth of marital union
Maybe I will slip on the ladder
till the sun is wrinkled

THE BALLERina remember by Manu Mo

And still not taste the rest of shelved tools
That life will constantly be
an unpressed shrivelled mess on my shoulder
I’ll never know

But right now ngiya phakama,
bend by bent at every turn.
I carry on with my head on me
Trusting like a leaf knowing
i will ultimately return to the
Garden of promise and
Imperishable goodness
Tangible order


I have to trust that my cracked life
has a whole future ahead
I have trust my decisions and desires
That they are under mercy
no matter how weak or ambitious,
achievable or whimsical.
That what is ordinary for some
will be obtainable for me too

Looming Lite

I have to hope and truthfully believe that
It’s not something I’ve done wrong
It’s not a wicked curse
It’s not a divine judgement
It’s not an unending sting This struggle
There’s rescue for me
A pardon
A Finality
Change like a dragonfly
That life unravels

I want life
I want five years
I want ten years
I want twenty years
I want sixty years
of good harvest;

Travel. Books. Love. Academics.
Marriage. Family. Prosperity.
Purpose. Direction. Affection. Devotion. Commitment.
Spoil. Fun. Carefree. Peace. Companionship. Trust.
Productivity. Exuberance. Passion. Giving. Gratitude. Service.
Honour. Nurturing. Faith

I want it all, tangible or abstract… It is God-approved in me
Surely, it can’t be soiled?
Surely, he hears
And as he does, he guides.
I have to hope and Trust that
God neither leaves nor forsakes me.
Thank you

Remember the magic within. #Yibahuwe


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