The wilted flaking reminder
Of what was
A bloom blown by
A flower pulled, naked
A day gone

The hope of tomorrow
The light of dawn
The click of a latch unhinged
Today’s riches and tomorrow’s keep


Was my birthday
Went like a whisper
But unto me came like frenzied larva brimming beneath the surface

I carry so much
Before my eyes and the weight in my hands
There’s deeper more within
A puzzle unsolved
A mystery rusted and unfinished

I’ve been a fool
Has it been misfortune?
Privilege favours abundance
I have had plenty.

Have I failed?
A doom and damning of my soul?
Am I susceptible to illguide?

I am spirit.
I am soul
I am human
I am woman

There’s a stain
There’s a markmark

On my pillow are dry petals
For tears I’ve never shed
For the life I keep missing
A step I can’t land on

On my porch
Is the emblem of my heart
Of my choices
The world sees
Of my desires

Though gentle are as tasteful as the fragrance of water
My aura that affects a few and deters a mass
A mass the side of a seed with the impact of magnitude

I am
I am just water.
A mark sipping through the sand
I am vapour
Disappearing in the air.

I am so many things
That happen to me and don’t happen at all
I am my dreams; slow and treacherous
I am my destiny;disappointing yet unrelenting
I am my zeal;
forever holding on to this body and matter of life

As though death or its company
Were never worth the thought
Unable to seal off or hinge the progress of life.

My pulse
Able to tell what was before
As I dream and revel in what could be.


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