The stars are full
In their consternation
Filling the sky in sparks of radiance

Heart piercing
Hollow haunting
Could they be up there
Like a star
Filling the sky
A canopy glittering the earth’s sky

broken imagesCAN5XFFC

We are present,
I am here
But i am a hollow hole
A cave
a cage,
A Cold,
doesn’t lull
A vibrating zinging harrowing sonance
vehement fierceplunder

broken 450px-Broken-SapnaChand

Of guilt and anguish
for time richly yearned,
Slowly come

Of opportunies slipping through me
Like sands of an hour-glass too soon missed

Of resentment and unresolved conflict
broken pink09

A yearning for chance
A break of spells and omens like
Blistered-fortune easily swelling over in poisonous stings

Of a new rest where eyes never close
A sip of flavour in a desert-drought

broken 90664-Shes-Broken-Hes-Ok

of And ears that always sing
And the heart that never thirsts
Quenched by fearfree belonging.

broken 21115-Broken-Lightbulb

Why couldn’t they be stars,
that we be stars?

For if stars where living
Their nearness is
the embrace of promise
And the emblem of fate
The courage of time
The age of wisdom and wealth of lineage
The anchor of souls,
Roaming the sky as close to my heartbeat
As the sparkle in the eye
On this soury night
troughs full
Of tears
because of
Broken stars.
My broken

July 2015, Dunkeld, Motherland, off JanSmuts on a busy load shedding schedule day. V’s bday!
July 20, 2015


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