Cotton Streams unbroken;
Cotton molds and folds
secures and envelopes
How did such gentleness present such valiant Strength 🙂
Can a sword nurture and soothe
The way that lilies and orchards
Do by mere sight and scent 󾌧󾰗?
Surely, not!
Conversations that are long
Are a blessing disguised
An unveiling of confirmations
A way of proof to truth unannounced

There is by example;
Like the bible;
A verse or passage for each day and
For every lesson
Applicable for all endurance
Life is the lengths and sharp bends
Of endurance
Not to cloud you with struggle
Or stifle you with trials
But to help you reach
Bigger Higher self less diabolical
Diabolical the stench of humanity
Our volunteer gassy emission
Sweetly resolved to escape into
A life shadowed by lightness

I had a loud conversation today
A less significant yet concentratedly committed one
People find mental separation
Between work and private life
I see excessive outpour to the latter
And uneven malnutrition in the former
My heart is fully at work
As it is where I lay my head
For it is certain that
Everywhere I go
There goes my soul,
shadowing the story of my life’s journey
There is no separation
No start or halting maar perhaps a moment’s yield
But nonetheless a continuous workings
Of the life
Tells the truth of existence…


I’m here
I’ll be here giving my all
Amidst all the folly of wasted living
Ill be here
Despite all misgivings and underfilling
I’ll be here
Until God reassigns my universal orbit
For there is no separation
Just puzzle pieces for different places
Yet just one soul
To serve and live it all.

My eyes see through the hidings of spoken meanings
My heart learns to accept the tricks of intelligence
And dance to the song of this meantimes
Not losing sight of the gravy train
For Such is a Day as Tomorrow
The tomorrow of corduroys and chiffon
Life of olives and silk
a walking wait
Of assured living


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