I can’t fathom

A day without you

A mere moment

Without a flicker of a thought


A cheer is sunken

You radiate the great sun’s favour

I wear you like a smile

Something I’m just

Wildly fond of sharing.

You’re the good I keep

The thing I simply persist in


A sprinkle of laughter is a false note

Your lyrical voice fills

the void moment

With every wealth

if eyes are something full of light

You’re the abundance of revelation

If mind was the completeness of God’s soundness.

You’re the sweetness of heaven’s nearness to me.

God with me.

God’s here and so am I

My heart is joyful

Just this moment is my gift

So I dance into Sun

Mesmerized and Amazed

Fully enmeshed

I get to laugh like its a dance

I see the vastness of beauty

The utmost of okay

The broad and wide

The light, uncontrolled

A beautiful wrap

A kiss of God

An open heart




You’re presence







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